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Classic Tobacco E-liquid

Classic Tobacco

Rich and smoky, full bodied and bold: our Classic Tobacco eLiquid isn't something to take lightly. Crafted through more than a dozen variations, you can be sure that you're going to get the absolute best flavor from this time-tested favorite. Our Tobacco eLiquid is most like a fresh pipe tobacco: free od adulterants and focused entierly on the natural taste that so many Americans have grown to love. There's nothing we can do to convince you that this Tobacco is the real deal except show you: give Classic Tobacco a try and try to pick up a cigarette afterwards...you're bound to be disappointed in the analog.

Classic Menthol E-liquid

Classic Menthol

Are you a former menthol smoker? Do you yearn for the familiar cool burst of chilling menthol whenever you're picking out an eLiquid? Step away from the imitators and pick up a bottle of Classic Menthol from VAPORS. If you're looking for the meanest menthol flavor around. We're surprised that this bottle doesn't ice up after we make it! Great throat hit, superior taste and one heck of a cooling sensation make Classic Menthol a staple for menthol lovers everywhere. One inhale and it'll be like winter in your mouth:bundle up because it's about to get chilly.

Tobacco Menthol E-liquid

Tobacco Menthol

Some people like the rich tast of true tobacco. Others prefer the essence of a chilling menthol blast when they're inhaling. But what about those who want a little in between? Get the best of both worlds with Tobacco Menthol! With the full bodied flavor of a traditional tobacco and just a touch of icy menthol to tickle your sense, there's no reason to settle for either one of the other. If you're sick of arguing over plain tobacco or menthol with your friends or settling one way or another when it comes to your own enjoyment...get smart: get Tobacco Menthol eLiquid

TruBeca Tobacco

A big tobacco flavor that's as big as the Big Apple itself, TruBeca is tobacco done right. You'll love the smooth, robust flavor that this vape has to offer, along with its superior throat hit and phenomenal clouds of vapor. Nothing quite compares to the smooth tobacco taste that this eLiquid offers and you'll find yourself saying "no thanks" to all of tobacoo blends after it. TruBeca is the real deal:American-made, bold flavor and satisfying body.

Tobacco Virginia E-liquid

Tobacco Virginia

Deep in the heart of old tobacco country, there exists a flavor that's loved by everyone who's familiar with it. The product of an extensive, old-style curing process, true Virginia tobacco is getting harder and harder to find as the years go on. There are plenty of imitators who want to claim that their flavors are the true Virginia blend, but sadly, the essence of their tobacco just doesn't immerse people like the genuine brew. Enter Tobacco Virginia eLiquid: the back t basics southern tobacoo blend that's known and loved by even the harshest tobacco snobs! If you want the old southern tobacco that your grand pappy used to smoke out of his hand caraved pipe, you've come to the right place. Everything from the smell to the taste of this mellow concoction is spot on, making it a true revival of the best tobacco taste around.

RY4 Tobacco E-liquid

RY4 Tobacco

Based on the unique blend of eLiquid originally developed in China, VAPORS RY4 has an enticing taste of caramel and hearty tobacco. VAPORS RY4 is sure to be a new customers favorite!

Tobacco Cherry E-liquid

Tobacco Cherry

Tobacco and Cherries present the perfect blend of classic smoke and succulent fruit. This combination of flavors is sure to make your mouth water and your taste buds crave the next mouthful of vapor. Thanks to the classic tobacco tones within this juice, you'll experience a powerful throat hit that's hard to be ignored: on the flipside, the cherry aftertaste leave you with a pleasant tingling on your tongue and a cloud of vapor that smells just as good!

Tobacco Sweet E-liquid

Tobacco Sweet

You're probably thinking to yourself, "how can tobacco be sweet?" Gather round, friends and we'll tell you! You take traditional tobacco and blend in a little hint of a secret, sweeter ingredient...and together they create a tobacco variation that will entice you with its profound undertones. What's more, as these ingredients steep together over time, they come together more and more to mellow out in a phenomenal way! Trust us, all it takes is one bottle of Tobacco Sweet eLiquid and you'll understand why people fall in love with this exceptionally refined flavor. If you've got a sweet tooth but still love the smooth taste of tobacco, this liquid is far and above the choice for you.

Havana Cigar E-liquid

Havana Cigar

There may be an embargo on obtaining the best cigars in the world, but that doesn't mean you can't find an exact replica of their flavor right here in the United States! We've taken tones and flavors from some of the best cigar variations in the world and brought them together to create a cigar-flavored eLiquid that's nearer to the real thing than anything else like it. You'll feel like you're breaking trade laws when you're enjoying this juice: its simply that realistic! never fear, however, the ATF won't be on your case because this juice is 100% USA-made!

Tobacco Cocoa E-liquid

Tobacco Cocoa

Both tobacco and cocoa have deep, rich tones in their taste, which brings them closer together than you might think. We've combined these two powerful flavors into a single eLiquid in order to give our vapers the best of both worlds: traditional tobacco taste with mild cocoa tones that even out the vape into something mellow, yet flavorful. When you're lofting huge clouds of vapor above your head and enjoying the unique taste of this juice, you'll wonder why no one ever thought to combine these flavors before now!

Tobacco Clove E-liquid

Tobacco Clove

Are you a former cloe cigarette smoker? If so, then you'll remember how hard it was to say goodbye to your trusty cloves when the FDA came down hard on flavored cigarettes. Luckily for you, we've recaptured that classic flavor in an eLiquid! Tobacco Clove offer up a smooth blend of tobacco that's accented with just the right amount of clove to bring back that taste you've been yearning for. A touch of anise and a powerful throat hit complete this vape in ways that not even a traditional clove cigarette could match!

Blackberry Chill E-liquid

Blackberry Chill

When's the last time you had a blackberry flavored anything and said to yourself, "wow, that was really good!"? Chances are, it hasn't happened in the foreseeable past. Why? Because blackberry is a hard taste to nail down. Rich in flavor, yet comprised of a complex taste, blackberry can drive many eLiquid manufactures made when they're sitting at a table trying to nail down the formulas. VAPORS solution? Grab a traditional blackberry flavoring and punch it right in its smirking face with a blast of menthol. That'll show it. Blackberry Chill was the final chill flavor to be developed by VAPORS, simply because we weren't skimping on the details, You'll get a succulent blackberry taste and an unmistakable smell when you atomize this juice, however the menthol additive amplifies this excellence tenfold. The result is an amazing flavor that lingers, dancing on your tongue and livening up the air around you with its aromatic smell.

Blueberry Chill E-liquid

Blueberry Chill

Welcome the icy blend of blueberry and menthol ito your mouth as only Blueberry Chill eLiquid can deliver. You'll easily get a phenomenal throat hit out of this artfully crafted juice, while at the same time the natural berry flavor is intensified by just the right amount of menthol to leave you with goose bumps. As if that wasn't enough reason to get a bottle for yourself, this flavor is notorious for emitting voluminous clouds of thick, aromatic vapor that provide a second sensory experience. It's like getting double the pleasure for half of the price! Because of its two classic components, blueberry and menthol. Blueberry Chill make a great segue juice for fruit lovers looking to explore beyond the realm of traditional vapes, as well as menthol fans who are looking for something beyond just the chill

Grape Chill E-liquid

Grape Chill

One of the staples of old-school diners and local food joints was the bubbly and delicious taste of a cool grape soda. Today, diners may be a vintage attraction,, but the great grape taste that helps define them is alive and well in Grape Chill. Because we've paired the classic essence of grape with an inviting touch of menthol, VAPORS has crafted a flavor that touches your taste buds in much the same way as a freshly opened grape soda. If it sounds too good to be true, stop reading our pitch and grab a bottle for yourself: you'll see that we aren't lying! Grape Chill kicks like a real grape flavor and sports the all to familiar cooling of the entire VAPORS Chiller's Line to bring you a flavor that's equal part classic and enticing. We guarantee that after cracking open a bottle of Grape Chill a, you'll be set with a new daily vape.

Lemon Chill E-liquid

Lemon Chill

Take a step back, lemon ice, there's a brand new flavor dominating the delightful lemon market: Lemon Chill. The unmistakable smell of lemon and the eye opening hit of cooling menthol that is vape brings to the table are what make it truly stand out as a unique and satisfying flavor. Citrus envelops your taste buds while a chilling afterthought brings Lemon Chill full circle to leave you with a tingle unique to this flavor. But beware, if you're faint of heart when it comes to a slight tinge of sour, Lemon Chill may not be the best choice for your new preference: its tart defines it, yet doesn't leave you with puckered lips, giving you the best of both worlds.

Mint Chill E-liquid

Mint Chill

As if a menthol accented flavor needed any more mint! For Mint Chill, we pulled out all of the stops and sent mediocrity packing: this flavor kicks like a mule and will leave you feeling like you just inhaled winter: all six months of it (if you're from Wisconsin or Toledo!). A spearmint- like flavor makes a fine appearance as you take steady drags, which quickly turns into an icy blend of this traditional flavor and aerated menthol. What you're left with is the feeling that you may have just popped an entire packey of breath mints into your mouth. Brrrr! Living true to its name, Mint Chill, this eLiquid never loses its flavor: not even when you're desperately scraping the last few drops off of the bottom of an empty bottle- and trust us, you'll be scrapping:every drop is worth it

Peach Chill E-liquid

Peach Chill

In our humble opinion, there's not much in the world that tastes as good as Peach Chill: an enticing combination of peach and menthol, blended together in perfect harmony. Upon inhaling, you'll get the refreshing, juicy peach taste that's explosive and satisfying. When you finally let loost your billowing cloud of vapor, expect a mild cooling that's smooth and refreshing. The best part: Peach Chill performs like a champ all the way down to the last drop, ensuring that each bottle is worth its weight in deliciousness. Peach is meant to be a staple for fruit vapers and Peach Chill lives true to this expectation: satisfying even the most hardcore fruit enthusiasts with a vibrant and enjoyable flavor that gets harder and harder to put down after each long draw.

Pineapple Chill E-liquid

Pineapple Chill

Chances are you're not chilling on a beach somewhere right now...but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy all of the exotic tastes and smells associated with it! All it takes is one bottle of Pineapple Chill eLiquid and you'll feel like you're sitting on the beach, cocktail in hand, while you blow off some steam on your dream vacation. The intense, fruity flavor of the pineapple, tinted with the slightest hint of menthol, will blow your taste buds away and leave you filling your E-Cig again and again with this amazing flavor! Give your taste buds a treat with a bottle of Pineapple Chill today and enjoy the intoxicating feeling of relaxation as this flavor washes over you, leaving only a cooling breath of menthol behind.

Raspberry Chill E-liquid

Raspberry Chill

A blasting berry flavor and a tinge of menthol cool make Raspberry Chill a mouthwatering flavor what's not easily passed up by fruit vapers and menthol lovers alike. With a smooth draw, explosion of flavor and chilling exhale yielding bountiful vapor, it's hard to get much better than everything Raspberry Chill has to offer. If you're looking for something a bit different from the boring old, plain fruit flavor, consider chilling yourself with a slight menthol kick! Raspberry Chill is everything you're hoping for in a solid fruit flavor, the the unique afterglow to back it up tenfold. Get the best of both worlds- a real fruit flavor and a chilling menthol kick- with the unique and delicious flavor from VAPORS

Strawberry Chill E-liquid

Strawberry Chill

How could you possibly get any better than the taste of a Strawberry, fresh off the vine? Add a hint of menthol of course! Strawberry Chill combines the succulent strawberry flavor that you're used to with a cooling hit of menthol to deliver a unique and vibrant flavor that's unmatched when it comes to taste and afterthought. Experience a full strawberry flavor on your pallet upon inhaling, with a rush of menthol that will accentuate all tones as the vapor leave you mouth. No description quite does justice to the magnificent combo that strawberry and menthol bring together in our Strawberry Chill flavor- you'll have to see for yourself what happens when you mix a classic fruit flavor with a traditional menthol additive

Watermelon Chill E-liquid

Watermelon Chill

Watermelon by itself is juicy, but pair that with a touch of menthol and you've got something truly worth vaping! VAPORS has concocted a shilling watermelon variety in our Watermelon Chill that will give you all of the freshness of a ripened watermelon, with just a light afterglow of cooling menthol. The result is a crisp flavor beautifully and produces tons of intoxicating vapor. If you're a fruit lover who demands a bit more from their vape, see what you think about the hint of menthol at the end of this vape!

Banana Nut Bread E-liquid

Banana Nut Bread

This delicious blend is infused with the vibrant flavors of toasted walnuts perfectly ripened bananas and a warm, freshly based scent. The comforting flavor and aroma waft over you inspiring day dreams of country kitchens, homemade dinners and peaceful evenings.

Blueberry Cheesecake E-liquid

Blueberry Cheesecake

There are a lot of toppings that you can put on top of a cheesecake, but few are so succulent and flavorful as freshly picked blueberries. Our Blueberry Cheesecake eLiquid goes above and beyond to bring the creamy taste of cheesecake and the sweet aroma of blueberries together in a single liquid for your tasting pleasure. Great as an all-day vape or just for special occasions, this liquid gives a surprising throat hit and follow through with amazing clouds of vapor that are sure to fill you with the scent of a freshly baked delicacy.

Cheesecake E-liquid


Creamy, flavorful and amazingly light, this liquid is nothing short of a dessert masterpiece! Whether you're someone who just loves a good pastry or rather someone that's looking to shave off a few calories without giving up the treats you love, this liquid is sure to please. Buttery overtones and pastry undertones come together beautifully in every draw to make this liquid everything you hoped for and more!

Cherry Cheesecake E-liquid

Cherry Cheesecake

Cheery cheesecake is a staple for any dessert lover. We've packed enough cherries and cheesecake in each bottle to make you feel like you're vaping an entire cheesecake in each bite, complete with topping. What's more, you'll get equal parts fruit and dessert from this vape, which equates to one of the most rounded out flavors that we offer! You're guaranteed to get the cherry cheesecake experience you've been searching for, right down to the graham cracker crust!

Chocolate E-liquid


Are you a Chocoholic? Don't even lie and say you're not:you're looking at a chocolate flavored eLiquid! Relax, we're chocoholics too, which is why we've put our best efforts into this juice. Not only will your taste beds be greeted with the rich, sweet taste of chocolate that you're used to, you'll also get a little something extra that we've cooked up:cocoa undertones that make this flavor even richer! Let your chocolate flay fly with this vape: you'll be glad you did!

Chocolate Cake E-liquid

Chocolate Cake

Forget about your diet: there's a new guilty pleasure in town. Chocolate Cake eLiquid doesn't mes around when it comes to delivering a heavenly flavor that's ok to binge on. IN fact, the next time all of your friends are complaining about counting calories or eating like rabbits , blow a little Chocolate Cake vapor into the conversation and watch their mouths water. This flavor smells as good as it tastes and won't make you regret vaping a whole bottle the next time you step on a scale!

Chocolate Hazelnut E-liquid

Chocolate Hazelnut

Plain old chocolate can get to be boring, especially if you're someone who regularly indulges in this delectable treat. Never fear, however: if you're getting sick of plain old chocolate or are looking for something just a bit more complex to vape, Chocolate Hazelnut is where it's at! Nutty overtones will tickle your taste buds, while a full bodied chocolate flavor evens out this vape to make it an exciting change for any chocolate lover. Plus, you'll enjoy the added bonus of having voluminous clouds of vapor that smell eerily like a bakery...

Chocolate Mint E-liquid

Chocolate Mint

There aren't many flavor that pair as well as chocolate and mint:whether it's mint chocolate chip ice cream or an Andes Candy! Now, you can add Chocolate Mint eLiquid to the mix and enjoy this amazing combination of flavors in vapor form. We've crafted a flavor that has just the right amount of balanace, allowing you to experience both side of this flavor without being overpowered one way or another. And, each time you exhale a cloud of vapr, you'll get the full effect: taste, smell and satisfaction!

Confetti Cake E-liquid

Confetti Cake

Who says you have to wait until someone;s birthday to enjoy a ton of delicious cake? Confetti Cake eLiquid was crafted with one purpose in mind: to give you an excuse to enjoy cake every single day without people judging you. Betty Crocker takes a distant second to this rich, creamy flavor...and we all know that second place is just a fancy way of saying "the best of the losers." Plus Confetti Cake eLiquid gives you an awesome throat hit to complement its hearty vapor making it an enjoyable vape all the way around. Just don't like the bottle when you've finished vaping it through...its not quite the same as licking the excess cake batter off a spoon

English Toffee E-liquid

English Toffee

English Toffee is a delicacy for many people, imply because of its indulgent flavor and savory notes Instead of paying expensive costs to get your hands on a true brick of English Toffee, why not opt for a more affordable, equally flavorful option instead? our English Toffee eLiquid mimics all of the things you love about the candy, without giving you a sugar high or toothache. With an aroma that's off the wall and a hearty throat hit that will satisfy even the most cynical vaper, this eLiquid is truly a treat!

Fireball E-liquid


Do you have your extinguisher handy? Fire blanket nearby? How about a local fire marshal on speed dial? If you're popping the top off of your Fireball eLiquid, you're going to want to have at least one, if not all three of these things ready! Just kidding! Kind of... Fireball eLiquid isn't going to set your mouth ablaze, but what it will do is deliver a taste that any cinnamon lover can vouch for as being magnificent! Comparable to Big Red gum or Red Hots candies, this liquid is a fan favorite and one of the most demanded flavors currently on the market. We spent extra time in developing it, much to the dismay of our taste testers' taste buds, and the end product speaks for itself. Are you ready to feel the burn?

Peanut Butter Cup E-liquid

Peanut Butter Cup

First its chocolate, the its peanut butter! Do we really even need to say anymore? Modeled after an iconic candy variety (you know the one), Peanut Butter Cup eLiquid operates on a number of levels, all of which can be classified as divine. Not only does the throat hit boom like an active grenade, the rush of chocolate that follows it will make you feel like Augustus Gloop (kid from Willy Wonka who feel into the chocolate...anyone?)! But that's not all folks! As if the chocolate wasn't enough, your exhale is going to be a peanut butter dream: creamy, rich in flavor and absolutely delightful! Chocolate and peanut butter enthusiasts alike, this flavor is for you! Tobacco vapers will even love the rich tones that it has to offer! Even fruit vapers can get a feel for this tasty vape!...Screw it, this one is for ANYONE who loves a great flavor!

Root Beer Candy E-liquid

Root Beer Candy

Filled with the flavor and scent of the iconic root beer candies, you're sure to enjoy this flavor.

Vanilla E-liquid


Everyone knows the smell vanilla when it wafts into the air, but has anyone ever experienced experienced a true vanilla taste? There are plenty of variations out there that make you think vanilla or small vanilla, but for some reason, they all taste a little different. We're not big on having variation when there should be a single standard that a specific flavor lives up to, which is why we've zeroed in on vanilla to create Vanilla eLiquid. By taking all of the best variations out there and finding the perfect, common balance between them, we're setting a new precedent for vanilla lovers everywhere. Don't wonder if you're tasting true vanilla, you know you are with Vanilla eLiquid from VAPORS!

Blackberry Champagne E-liquid

Blackberry Champagne

You've never tasted anything like Blackberry Champagne eLiquid before: we can assure you of that! This crafty blend of classic champagne and sweetened blackberry gives off tons of vapor and mellows out into a taste that's unbelievably smooth. This flavor makes a perfect addition to any vaper's collection, simply because nothing like it exists! You'll wonder how we got such a fruity flavor to mesh so well with the classic taste of champagne, but we have to tell you, it's a secret we're prepared to keep...

Butter Rum E-liquid

Butter Rum

The classic taste of an age-old buttery drink, Butter Rum hs been reinvented in eLiquid form with all of the right flavor tones in place to make an exceptional vape. You'll get clear overtones of betterscotch and cream, with a slight hint og rum that gives a warming essence to this populat flavor. Forget about having to wait until the weekend to enjoy a butter adult beverage, give this eLiquid a try and enjoy a phenomenal flavor whenever you'dlike, no alcohol required! Butter, yet powerful on the hit, with creamy tones that flow smoothly through to exhale, it's hard to deny the flavorful allure of Butter Rum eLiquid! If you're a fan og butterscotch hard candies and the occasional warm beverage, get a hold of this flavor and put it to the test. We guarantee that you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you find: a flavor that's true to its name and spot-on for all drink enthusiasts.

VAPOR Bull E-liquid


Packed with the familiar blast of citrus blends and efferecent spices, VAPOR Bull provides the perfect mix of tangy and sweet flavors. The inspired flavor and scent has just enough "kick" to wake up those taste bugs and get you going! Grab the Bull and go!

VAPOR Dew E-liquid


If you're a fan of the popular soft drink with a similar name, you;re going to fall in love with VAPOR Dew. We've worked hard to harness the perfect blend of lemon, lime and just a touch of carbonated goodness to bring you this phenomenal flavor. Rather than drowning a case of popular soft drink from which this flavor derives its namesake, you can simply crack open a bottle of our tasty VAPOR DEW and experience the same pleasure without the cavities. This flavor has been a long time coming and our process of perfecting it has been a lengthy one. Give VAPOR Dew a try today and see what all the fuss is about: we guarantee you'll be blown away by this flavor!

Champagne E-liquid


After we created Champagne eLiquid, we popped the cork on a real bottle to celebrate one of the most refined flavors in our arsenal. Champagne eLiquid is light, bubbly and gives off a crisp taste that's hard to beat if you're looking for something to enjoy here and there. No longer to you have to save your bottle of bubbly for a special occasion...now you can celebrate any moment you feel like, including making it through a Monday or celebrating your last analog cigarette

Cherry Cappuccino E-liquid

Cherry Cappuccino

Are you a coffee fiend who enjoys hanging out with the local baristas at your corner cafe? If so, you'd be hard-pressed to find a flavor as distinct as our Cherry Cappuccino eLiquid. This concoction brings together delectably fruit flavor and the true essence of a cappuccino to enthrall the senses and dill you with eye- opening flavor. We can't promise you'll find the dame caffeinated feeling as with a real cappuccino, but we can ensure that your taste buds will be singing the praises of this excellent eLiquid!

Fruit Smoothie E-liquid

Fruit Smoothie

An inspired blend of berries, peaches and Bavarian Cream go into VAPORS Fruit Smoothie. The refreshing aroma and taste of our Fruit Smoothie will have you thinking of summer sun and orchards any time of year.

Java E-liquid


This isn't some hoity-toity Starbucks blend that will give you a sugar rush and a headache after you're done vaping it: this is Java eLiquid from VAPORS. Like everything else from VAPORS, youre guaranteed two things when you pucker up and enjoy Java: an amazing taste that will be Folgers to shame and a highly satisfying vapor that will linger in the air around you. Java eLiquid will take the place of your morning coffee not only because it taste better, but because one one wants to wait for a pot to brew anymore! Crab your Java eLiquid and go: no more worrying about your coffee going cold or spilling on your jeans.

Mocha E-liquid


So, you like coffee but you can't quite seem to take it black. No worries, we're not big fans of the dark roasts either, which is why we've added a few extra ingredients to this blend of Mocha eLiquid that are sure to break the bitter, mundane idea that you may have about certain coffee flavors. Mocha has touches of chocolate and caramel that make it a standout in a long line of coffee vapes before it and the intense, full-bodied flavor that you're sure to experience from it will keep you coming back for your daily cup!

Pina Colada E-liquid

Pina Colada

Grab a drink and hit the beach:it's five o'clock somewhere! Of, if you cant make it to the sand, give Pina Colada eLiquid a try instead. You'll get the full effect of a true Pina Colada, without having a hop on a plane and head to the shore. The robust pineapple overtones are sweetened by coconut undertones, creating a balanced flavor that's nothing short of divine!

Apple E-liquid


Have you ever been to an orchard during prime apple picking season? If you have, you'll immediately recognize the tastes we've modeled our Apple eLiquid after: only the juiciest, freshest apples around. One pull on our Apple eLiquid and you'll swear you just inhaled a whole bushel of freshly picked apples! It's crisp on the inhale, smooth on the exhale and will rounded enough to leave you smacking your lips. If you're new to vaping this flavor is a great place to start: it's simple enough to work with, yet powerful enough to show you what you've been missing!

Apple Cinnamon E-liquid

Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon is a tricky flavor to pin down, but we're fairly proud of the way we've wrapped up this flavor into an easily vaped dream. For some, the aroma and tastes of a freshly bakes apple pie may ring through. For others, the warm, welcoming flavor of a hot apple cider could make themselves immediately apparent. No matter what you taste, however, you can be sure it's the truest apple cinnamon flavor around!

Banana E-liquid


There was no monkeying around when it came to creating an authentic luscious banana flavor here at VAPORS! We've taken a rich, creamy banana flavor, added a few subtle hints of intoxicating adulterants and viola:a Banana eLiquid that's irresistibly decadent! From the smell to the taste and even on to the plumes of vapor that it produces, Banana eLiquid is ripe and ready to be vaped. If you're craving fruit flavor that can press all your buttons every time you try it, why not give this one a go? We're sure you'll fall in love.

Black Cherry E-liquid

Black Cherry

The unmistakable taste of cherry, now with a dark side...Black Cherry eLiquid leaves nothing to be desired by giving you everything you're looking for in this classic, enthralling flavor. A bite that's smooth and powerful on the inhale, combined with a blast of rich flavor on the exhale, means you won't be passing on Black Cherry once you've tried it. Even if you're kind of person who switches flavors throughout the day, we guarantee you'll find yourself coming back to this perfectly crafted flavor. Go ahead: try and put it down. We dare you.

Blackberry E-liquid


Blackberries aren't the most popular fruit around, but we're about to change all of that! Our Blackberry eLiquid takes the traditional flavor of blackberry and sweetens it up just a bit to reach a new level of tastiness! Fruity, juicy, and all around enjoyable, you'll fall in love with this flavor if you're a vaper with fruit preferences. Even if you're apprehensive to fruity vapes, we encourage you to give this flavor a try...who knows, you might find yourself truly believing that fruity vapes are worth the time!

Blueberry E-liquid


Whoever said that Blueberries have to be in season to get an authentic blueberry taste?Obviously, this person has never tried our Blueberry eLiquid, because if he or she did, they'd immediately recant their statement and start raving about this juice. We've hit the nail on the head with this flavor and we think you'll agree that it's one of the most accurate fruit flavors around. Those who love to enjoy a tasty, fruity vape will be delighted with the smell, taste and finish of Blueberry eLiquid!

Cherry E-liquid


Cherry is one of those flavors that's distinct, bold and at the top of its game when crafted properly We've meticulously crafted our Cherry eLiquid to reflect the true taste of a cherry, while striving to create a noticeably strong throat hit and clouds of vapor to complement it. If you're a fan of fruity vapes, this flavor is certainly a mandatory addition to your collection!

Grape E-liquid


The scent of grape is so recognizable that people just can't help but stop and take a whiff whenever something grape is in the air. The flavor of grape is even more enticing, which is why Grape eLiquid is one of the most popular flavors of all time! Plus, it isn't some candy grape flavor that takes like a Popsicle: this is real grape, like grapes used for wine. that's right, this is a grape worthy of some fine dining or royalty: a real grape among fake grapes! See just how real and amazing our grape is today and grab a bottle of this fabulous flavor for yourself!

Green Apple E-liquid

Green Apple

BOOM! What was that? That was the sound of your taste buds exploding in happiness after trying our Green Apple eLiquid. This flavor is hands down the best in the business and will instantly become a favorite of anyone who's seeking an amazing green apple blend. You've had apple and you have have even had green apple before, but you've NEVER had VAPORS Green Apple, otherwise we'd be millionaires right now. It's the best. Give it a try.

Mango E-liquid


When's the last time you bought a fresh mango from the grocery store and took the time to prepare it for a nice afternoon snack? Do you even know how to prepare a mango? We don't, which is why we stick with Mango eLiquid when we're in the mood for something exotic and sweet. Nothing beats cracking open a bottle of Mango eLiquid, filling up and enjoying the wafting scent of a ripe fruit flavor. And, not only does Mango eLiquid smell divine, it tastes phenomenal. No more treks through the rain-forest (or your local grocer) to get a taste of the exotic fruit: just keep a bottle of Mango eLiquid handy.

Peach E-liquid


We're just going to go ahead and say that Peach may just be the king of fruits. Can you tell that we're kind of biased? It's actually a good thing because at least you know that Peach eLiquid was slaved over until it met the highest expectations of our staff! It's true, we love the taste of peach so much that it;s really one of the most impressive flavors that we offer. With a blossoming fruity flavor on each and every draw, the only thing that could possibly make it better is the clean finish and fresh feeling that you're left with as you exhale a cloud of delicious smelling vapor.

Wolfberry E-liquid


What's a wolfberry? It's actually a...eh...berry...which is a fruit that taste like...berries...uh... Okay, so we've actually never had a wolfberry per say (unless you count the flavored vodka that we're basing this flavor off of ). But, regardless of what it's called, you can be sure that this flavor is packed with great flavor and an amazing blend of tastes that will leave you berry satisfied (pun definitely intended). Silky smooth on the inhale, with a bubbly aftertaste that's intriguing and exicting, this flavor is a whole bag of fun, mixed into a bottle. If you're unsure of what a real wolfberry taste like, it's probably best to go and buy some. Or, you could pretend that call this flavor Wolfberry eLiquid is enough to make an informed decision (that's what we're doing and it's working out pretty great).

Grape Cream E-liquid

Grape Cream

Just like Mom's grape salad! That perfect mix of sweet grape and creamy, sweet Cool Whip. A must have flavor!

Kiwi Cream E-liquid

Kiwi Cream

A sour and tart kiwi mixed with a sweet butter cream make for a truly amazing and unique taste.

Pear Cream E-liquid

Pear Cream

The sweet, refreshing taste of pear is blended with a sugary cream creating a taste that is one of a kind!

Orange Cream E-liquid

Orange Cream

An amazing orange flavor mixed perfectly with a rich vanilla cream. It's a dream-sicle come true!

Blueberry Cream E-liquid

Blueberry Cream

A true blueberry mixed with a sweet and creamy vanilla. Yum!

Peach Cream E-liquid

Peach Cream

A sweet and succulent peach mixed with a sweet and smooth cream!

Milk & Honey E-liquid

Milk & Honey

Close your eyes and imagine a vape lighter than air. You see fields of puffy marsh mallows as far as the eye can see. The sky opens and sweet milk rains down. Open your eyes in time for the perfect note of rich honey to cap it all off. Finally you have arrived...in the land of milk and honey

Kryptonite E-liquid


My only weakness! A vape that you couldn't put down to save your life, makes Kryptonite true to it's name. A sweet and refreshing blend of cool melon paired with your favorite candy, makes a bottle of juice that you'll finish as fast as a speeding bullet.

Cola Gummy E-liquid

Cola Gummy

Those chewy gummy cola bottles we all loved as kids are back. With a twist! Cola Gummy is a flavor as simple as its name. The flavor is unmistakable. It comes on with a rush of fizz, like you just popped the top on a can of soda. This is not simply a flavor...This is an experience!

Church E-liquid


Your new favorite day of the week...SUNDAE. Scoops of old fashioned vanilla ice cream, lightly drizzled in decadent hot fudge. The flavor is topped off with subtle notes of sliced bananas, which combine in the perfect vaping treat.

Eclipse E-liquid


A completely unique juice line that incorporates Cavendish tobacco and sweet vanilla custard.

Omega E-liquid


This is the ultimate peaches and cream juice!

Andromeda E-liquid


A creamy mix of pomegranate and blueberry that leaves you with nothing to desire. This ejuice has the ultimate blend of velvety, lush undertones, with the sweet flavors of tantalizing fruit!

Astro E-liquid


Apples, strawberries and juicy peaches mixed together in a delectably refreshing fruity vape.

Pluto E-liquid


A refreshing melon bubblegum with a hint of mint. Have you ever tasted Orbit gum? This juice is remarkably close to tasting the melon Orbit gum.

Starship 1 E-liquid

Starship 1

This is a vanilla custard topped with fresh kiwi with a slightly sweet undertone.