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Pina Colada E-liquid

Pina Colada

Grab a drink and hit the beach:it's five o'clock somewhere! Of, if you cant make it to the sand, give Pina Colada eLiquid a try instead. You'll get the full effect of a true Pina Colada, without having a hop on a plane and head to the shore. The robust pineapple overtones are sweetened by coconut undertones, creating a balanced flavor that's nothing short of divine!

Apple E-liquid


Have you ever been to an orchard during prime apple picking season? If you have, you'll immediately recognize the tastes we've modeled our Apple eLiquid after: only the juiciest, freshest apples around. One pull on our Apple eLiquid and you'll swear you just inhaled a whole bushel of freshly picked apples! It's crisp on the inhale, smooth on the exhale and will rounded enough to leave you smacking your lips. If you're new to vaping this flavor is a great place to start: it's simple enough to work with, yet powerful enough to show you what you've been missing!

Apple Cinnamon E-liquid

Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon is a tricky flavor to pin down, but we're fairly proud of the way we've wrapped up this flavor into an easily vaped dream. For some, the aroma and tastes of a freshly bakes apple pie may ring through. For others, the warm, welcoming flavor of a hot apple cider could make themselves immediately apparent. No matter what you taste, however, you can be sure it's the truest apple cinnamon flavor around!

Banana E-liquid


Here was no monkeying around when it came to creating an authentic luscious banana flavor here at VAPORS! We've taken a rich, creamy banana flavor, added a few subtle hints of intoxicating adulterants and viola:a Banana eLiquid that's irresistibly decadent! From the smell to the taste and even on to the plumes of vapor that it produces, Banana eLiquid is ripe and ready to be vaped. If you're craving fruit flavor that can press all your buttons every time you try it, why not give this one a go? We're sure you'll fall in love.

Black Cherry E-liquid

Black Cherry

The unmistakable taste of cherry, now with a dark side...Black Cherry eLiquid leaves nothing to be desired by giving you everything you're looking for in this classic, enthralling flavor. A bite that's smooth and powerful on the inhale, combined with a blast of rich flavor on the exhale, means you won't be passing on Black Cherry once you've tried it. Even if you're kind of person who switches flavors throughout the day, we guarantee you'll find yourself coming back to this perfectly crafted flavor. Go ahead: try and put it down. We dare you.

Blackberry E-liquid


Blackberries aren't the most popular fruit around, but we're about to change all of that! Our Blackberry eLiquid takes the traditional flavor of blackberry and sweetens it up just a bit to reach a new level of tastiness! Fruity, juicy, and all around enjoyable, you'll fall in love with this flavor if you're a vaper with fruit preferences. Even if you're apprehensive to fruity vapes, we encourage you to give this flavor a try...who knows, you might find yourself truly believing that fruity vapes are worth the time!

Blueberry E-liquid


Whoever said that Blueberries have to be in season to get an authentic blueberry taste?Obviously, this person has never tried our Blueberry eLiquid, because if he or she did, they'd immediately recant their statement and start raving about this juice. We've hit the nail on the head with this flavor and we think you'll agree that it's one of the most accurate fruit flavors around. Those who love to enjoy a tasty, fruity vape will be delighted with the smell, taste and finish of Blueberry eLiquid!

Cherry E-liquid


Cherry is one of those flavors that's distinct, bold and at the top of its game when crafted properly We've meticulously crafted our Cherry eLiquid to reflect the true taste of a cherry, while striving to create a noticeably strong throat hit and clouds of vapor to complement it. If you're a fan of fruity vapes, this flavor is certainly a mandatory addition to your collection!

Grape E-liquid


The scent of grape is so recognizable that people just can't help but stop and take a whiff whenever something grape is in the air. The flavor of grape is even more enticing, which is why Grape eLiquid is one of the most popular flavors of all time! Plus, it isn't some candy grape flavor that takes like a Popsicle: this is real grape, like grapes used for wine. that's right, this is a grape worthy of some fine dining or royalty: a real grape among fake grapes! See just how real and amazing our grape is today and grab a bottle of this fabulous flavor for yourself!

Green Apple E-liquid

Green Apple

BOOM! What was that? That was the sound of your taste buds exploding in happiness after trying our Green Apple eLiquid. This flavor is hands down the best in the business and will instantly become a favorite of anyone who's seeking an amazing green apple blend. You've had apple and you have have even had green apple before, but you've NEVER had VAPORS Green Apple, otherwise we'd be millionaires right now. It's the best. Give it a try.

Mango E-liquid


When's the last time you bought a fresh mango from the grocery store and took the time to prepare it for a nice afternoon snack? Do you even know how to prepare a mango? We don't, which is why we stick with Mango eLiquid when we're in the mood for something exotic and sweet. Nothing beats cracking open a bottle of Mango eLiquid, filling up and enjoying the wafting scent of a ripe fruit flavor. And, not only does Mango eLiquid smell divine, it tastes phenomenal. No more treks through the rain-forest (or your local grocer) to get a taste of the exotic fruit: just keep a bottle of Mango eLiquid handy.

Peach E-liquid


We're just going to go ahead and say that Peach may just be the king of fruits. Can you tell that we're kind of biased? It's actually a good thing because at least you know that Peach eLiquid was slaved over until it met the highest expectations of our staff! It's true, we love the taste of peach so much that it;s really one of the most impressive flavors that we offer. With a blossoming fruity flavor on each and every draw, the only thing that could possibly make it better is the clean finish and fresh feeling that you're left with as you exhale a cloud of delicious smelling vapor.

Wolfberry E-liquid


What's a wolfberry? It's actually a...eh...berry...which is a fruit that taste like...berries...uh... Okay, so we've actually never had a wolfberry per say (unless you count the flavored vodka that we're basing this flavor off of ). But, regardless of what it's called, you can be sure that this flavor is packed with great flavor and an amazing blend of tastes that will leave you berry satisfied (pun definitely intended). Silky smooth on the inhale, with a bubbly aftertaste that's intriguing and exicting, this flavor is a whole bag of fun, mixed into a bottle. If you're unsure of what a real wolfberry taste like, it's probably best to go and buy some. Or, you could pretend that call this flavor Wolfberry eLiquid is enough to make an informed decision (that's what we're doing and it's working out pretty great).

Grape Cream E-liquid

Grape Cream

Just like Mom's grape salad! That perfect mix of sweet grape and creamy, sweet Cool Whip. A must have flavor!

Kiwi Cream E-liquid

Kiwi Cream

A sour and tart kiwi mixed with a sweet butter cream make for a truly amazing and unique taste.

Pear Cream E-liquid

Pear Cream

The sweet, refreshing taste of pear is blended with a sugary cream creating a taste that is one of a kind!

Orange Cream E-liquid

Orange Cream

An amazing orange flavor mixed perfectly with a rich vanilla cream. It's a dream-sicle come true!

Blueberry Cream E-liquid

Blueberry Cream

A true blueberry mixed with a sweet and creamy vanilla. Yum!

Peach Cream E-liquid

Peach Cream

A sweet and succulent peach mixed with a sweet and smooth cream!

Milk & Honey E-liquid

Milk & Honey

Close your eyes and imagine a vape lighter than air. You see fields of puffy marsh mallows as far as the eye can see. The sky opens and sweet milk rains down. Open your eyes in time for the perfect note of rich honey to cap it all off. Finally you have arrived...in the land of milk and honey

Eclipse E-liquid


A completely unique juice line that incorporates Cavendish tobacco and sweet vanilla custard.

Omega E-liquid


This is the ultimate peaches and cream juice!

Astro E-liquid


Apples, strawberries and juicy peaches mixed together in a delectably refreshing fruity vape.

Pluto E-liquid


A refreshing melon bubblegum with a hint of mint. Have you ever tasted Orbit gum? This juice is remarkably close to tasting the melon Orbit gum.