VAPORS: Quit Smoking Center

VAPORS is NW Ohio’s one stop vape shop. We specialize in not only providing the latest vapes and disposables, we also offer expertise to find the right product for you. Our products range from beginner set-ups to advanced devices, so if your mission is to make the switch from traditional cigarettes or just enjoy the various flavors available as a hobby, we have you covered!

Start your New Year’s Resolution by quitting smoking and trying vaping! Vaping is a very useful tool when making the switch from traditional tobacco, especially when there are so many options! Whether you are looking to decrease nicotine or just have something that tastes good without it, we have you covered. We specialize in finding the right product for you. Our program is designed with your desired outcome in mind, and we have a range of products suited for all needs.

Our mission is to provide the best vaping products from premium companies for all of your needs. If you’re looking to quit nicotine all together but avoid analog cigarettes, we have a program designed to reduce your nicotine intake over time by providing e-liquid in varying concentrations, so you are able to quit whenever you please.

We are an authorized seller of BREEZE disposable vapes. We also carry the VPRO Jelly and Juice Head Disposables.

For non-nicotine users, we also have products with 0mg nicotine, and thanks to our friends at the CBD Dispensary our customers have access to the CBD world in the form of disposables / cartridges from brands such as 3chi, Top Shelf, and Timbr for Delta 8 and other hemp products.

Whether it’s disposables or bottles of E-Liquid, we offer products that are lab tested to ensure purity and satisfaction!

Breeze Pro & Breeze Plus Available
3000 Puff
5000 Puff
Available in Store at the CBD Dispensary

VAPORS is located inside of The CBD Dispensary.

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VAPORS Quit Smoking Center

VAPORS Vape Shop

VAPORS Is NW Ohio’s Vape Shop. We have a Huge Selection of AUTHENTIC Name Brand E-Cigs and E-Liquids.

VAPORS Has Authentic BREEZE Disposable E-Cigs. Don’t be fooled by Fake Chinese Breeze ecigs. You Do NOT Want That E-Liquid In Your Lungs! Get The Best AUTHENTIC BREEZE E-Cigs At VAPORS.

VAPORS Is Inside The CBD Dispensary. See for our many NW Ohio Locations. Stop In Today For Great Deals On All Our Vape Shop Products.